Tuface Idibia- Fine Boy without Control!

Tuface Idibia is at it again after we thought he’d put a stop to his wayward lifestyle of impregnating ladies all over the place.
Just recently, Icon Magazine published a story about him impregnating a Banker who resides in Lagos.
And in a swift reaction, Tubaba took to Twitter to say the report was false and that if he did such, he would have been the first to spill the beans.
He even went ahead to joke about impregnating eight virgins.
“Everybody make una see fake blog @africancelebspy with fake news trying to spoil my reputation. God go judge una.”
“The whole world knows I’m an open book. If anything happen, na me go first tell una”
“Ok, make i give dem news. I don give 8 virgins belle. How about that?”
“In fact, I wan create one local government. I just dey start”, he tweeted.
This may look like some silly laughs but we all know Tuface for his ‘reputation’ when it comes to impregnating almost anything in skirt.
We sincerely hope this during turn out true at the end because it will definitely spoil the whole shine.
As a matter of fact, his wife, Annie has really gone through a lot for him and she should at least have some respect for her and put a padlock on that thing of his!
Fine boy without remote control- una no go hold am before e enter lagoon!
Apparently, he hasn’t learnt his lessons, has he? Or shall he be castrated because im don born enough!


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